Thursday, December 16, 2004

How to keep away

Download: VETIVER "Belles"

Seeing as YETI is taking forever and then forever again to see the light of day, I'm now officially psyched about this instant publishing thing. Like, I just AIMed my pal Andy of Vetiver and said 'send me a track sometime,' then he instantly sends an insanely gorgeous .mp3 to my gmail account, a full-band live on the air tune that I've already played a dozen times myself. And here it is just minutes after that! I am now officially living in the 1990s!! The future's, so bright, I'll have to wear shades.

Andy writes: This is from June 19 of this year, when we stopped by WMBR in Cambridge. Kevin Barker from Currituck County is playing second guitar. Thanks to the staff of WMBR for being great people and doing a great job of recording us! This might have been the first time Kevin had played this song w/ us.

PS: If anyone anywhere ever uses the word 'blogosphere' again, I am going to hunt them down and saw their nipples off. Thank you.


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