Thursday, December 16, 2004

Like the rabbits running?

Download: DEAN WAREHAM & KRAMER "Final Day"

I'll get back to posting gospel songs soon, I promise.

Here we have a rough (Kramer's very likely never heard the Young Marble Giants) take on "Final Day." I love it, but perhaps that's just nostalgia. See, the other day I found a board cassette from an ill-fated Thursday night CBGB's show I put together around the rubric of my old 'zine Chemical Imbalance. Paleface, Elliott Sharp and Uncle Wiggly all played that night as well. It was fabulous, except that hardly anyone was there. Underground celebrities Julia Caffritz and Robert Frank were among the 9 paying folks. I paid $100 for this tape; it's good to see something come from it 15/ 16/ however many years later; I've never even played it for anyone I do not think.


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