Saturday, December 18, 2004

Listen to the end; they collect $$ for opening act Brother JT -- how rad is that?

Download: COMETS ON FIRE "Track 5 from the Bong Voyage LP"

This will take a few minutes to download as it's 16 1/2 minutes (the last two minutes are the needle and the runout groove getting to know each other -- I was packing OK?) long. It's the last track from one of two sanctioned "bootleg" COF albums from 2004 (the other being Live on WFMU). I chose this tune for the way it segues from Chasny's nimble fingerpicking to the squiggly noise squall to that heavy distorted rock and roll freakout jam that's like nothing else save High Rise on laudanum--but listen to it yourself! That's sort of the point. Quite a year this has been for Comets on Fire, what with Blue Cathedral being one of the best albums of 2004; maybe next year they'll get so big Modest Mouse will be opening for them at arenas around the world!

PS: Apparently they are not stoners, and the LP's title is a joke. Thanks to the band for letting me post this!

PPS: Did I ever tell you how much I despise Modest Mouse? I know this blog is not about hateration, and fratboys need to have concerts to go to just like anyone else, so I'll shut up now.

PPPS: Tonight I watched the movie ELF and I fucking CRIED during it, like cried as in I was moved to tears cried. I am a total and complete sap and I have the very worst taste in movies. Okay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, don't apologize. I saw 'Elf' Christmas eve at my in-laws house this year (and I had already seen it last year in the theater, my wife vetoed Bad Santa at the time) and it had me tearing up at the end too...
Thanks for the tunes...
-Jotham Stavely

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an 18-year old from Farmville Virginia. I love your site but I wish that when you said you hated Modest Mouse you would have given musical reasons instead of calling then a frat-boy band...after all of your years as a music fan do you really stop liking someone when they get famous? If a lot of our favorite bands had a few more fans then they might still be bands.

Artie Ziftenhouser
Alpha Theta Gamma

2:13 PM  

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