Thursday, December 16, 2004

They got it down

Download: BOBBY CHARLES "Street People"

Recorded in 1971, this is a delightful, laidback sort-of swamp-soul song that's lyrically what you could call a proto-crustie anthem. I just am in love with the production and playing on this song and the entire album it's from, Bobby Charles (Bearsville). If it sounds like THE BAND, those guys are all over the album (Dr. John too) and their same producer dude John Simon produced it. There is a Japanese CD reissue but I've never seen the thing; I found mine on slsk and am always in search of the vinyl. If anyone has recordings of the 'lost' Bobby Charles album from the '70s recorded even more fully with the Band peeps -- lay it on me now!!!!


Blogger Paul O'Connell said...

This is a pleasant song and it does sound like the Band.

Thanks for sharing it.


12:58 AM  

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