Thursday, December 16, 2004

You never listen to me anyway

Download: FEELIES "Crazy Rhythms"

Fabulous New Jersey goodness ca. 1980. Isn't this song featured prominently in After Hours? Or is that Smithereens? One of those kooky, Candide-in-lower-Manhattan flicks. This song, the title track to their debut LP, is a jump around the room in your pajamas number. It is posted here as it's come to my attention the CD for this puppy goes for $45-plus these days and the vinyl even more. Who's gonna reissue it? Dude, isn't Bar None still a label and isn't it still owned by Glenn Mercer? That's not as strange as the Screamers never having released a 7" even though one of the dudes co-owned Dangerhouse, but it's still kinda strange to me. Ach, what do I know from record labels???

As a highly manipulative 17 year-old, I convinced my parents to pay for a college trip to Boston in 1985, though unbeknownst to them the purpose of the trip was not to look at colleges. See, Chuck Warner had told me the Feelies were making a pretty rare appearance, having gotten back together a year or so prior, and so I snuck in. Throwing Muses opened; I bought their cassette tape and got a crush on all of the girls in that band at once. The Feelies played this here song for what seemed like half an hour that night. The pace sped up so fast toward the end I felt like I did the one time I got those "poppers" at the head shop. Dizzzzy.


Blogger Craig said...

I had the same experience with the throwing muses in Boston at The Rat, especially with the bass player. The feelies rocked!!


7:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Blog is Great! And watching the Willies/Trypes transition back into The Feelies in 1985 was a formative experience for me, too. But FYI, Bar None Records is owned by Glen Morrow (of the Individuals and Rage To Live), not Glen Mercer (of the Feelies). But Glen Mercer's three mid-90s CDs (on Pravda Records) with his post-Feelies band Wake Ooloo are some of the most underrated albums of the 1990s, well worth checking out and not so hard to find (though all out of print). And Glen Mercer's current band Sunburst has some free MP3s kicking around on the Internet, as well as a live set last year on Jon Solomon's show on WPRB archived at Jon's blog

Keep it up,
--Ken Katkin

8:54 PM  

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