Monday, January 31, 2005

Washed by Joe's throbbing hands

Have you checked out the massive library of archival recordings of poetry and such over at U. Penn yet, PENNSound? It's awesome. They even have a manifesto, written by the great Charles Bernstien. You can, for instance, hear Ted Berrigan reading from all of his sonnets, back in 1981. Sweet.

Here, this is Berrigan's sonnet #15:

In Joe Brainard's collage its white arrow
he is not in it, the hungry dead doctor.
Or Marilyn Monroe, her white teeth white--
I am truly horribly upset because Marilyn
and ate King Korn popcorn," he wrote in his
of glass in Joe Brainard's collage
Doctor, but they say "I LOVE YOU"
and the sonnet is not dead.
takes the eyes away from the gray words,
Diary. The black heart beside the fifteen pieces
Monroe died, so I went to a matinee B-movie
washed by Joe's throbbing hands. "Today
What is in it is sixteen ripped pictures
does not point to William Carlos Williams.

Shove this kind of stuff into your iPod shuffle!


Blogger huntsmanic said...

hey brother man -- i haven't been here in a while. 'tis fun. i sent a ramble/fb potential to you the other day -- your address -- but just realized that i'm not even sure that is current, anymore. is it?

thanks. mark.

1:07 PM  
Blogger huntsmanic said...

what, you 'bout supremely dictatored out or sumpin?

sweet. mark.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless you, sweet man, for posting the link to the Penn Sound site. I'm leaving work 34 minutes early today so I can go home and listen to Jimmy Schuyler read "Hymn to Life." You might give this site a look, if you haven't already: More cool poetry stuff, not so much audio, though.
I llike (as in llama) your 'Buke, etcetry.
Big big kiss,
Charles Ephraim Martin, S.J.

3:05 PM  

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