Friday, February 04, 2005

Her planet and her head were one

Download: MYSTERY ARTIST "Song"

I'm not saying the name of this band even though it'll probably be readily apparent 'cause if I told you who it was ahead of time you'd probably be all like "Dude doesn't that group suck as hard as They Might Be Giants?! I don't need any faux-smartypants collegeboy shit on my computer, well, any more of it anyway!" but I'm telling you, this song is worthy. It's from 1988, the song. I used to walk throughout Long Island City listening to it on my walkman, and...

*WHISPERING* OK if you've made it this far I can tell you that the song is called "When She Closed Her Eyes" by King Missile back when they were called King Missile Dog Fly Religion which is when Stephen Tunney AKA Dogbowl was still in the group and they were at their total best at that time. It is off of a record called They that I like very much, in small doses. Dogbowl's FLAN album is fucking good, too. The book of the same name, published by 4 Walls Eight Windows some dozen years ago, is also really good -- it's about a guy who wakes up and the world is on fire and he and his talking fish have to get crosstown to find his girlfriend. It's like that Hal Hartley movie abou tthe end of the world meets that "Big Fish" movie, only far better than either of them.


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