Saturday, February 05, 2005

Hippie music with flute alert!

Download: ROBBIE BASHO "Tassajara (Zen Shinji)"

That’s Robbie Basho on six string guitar and Susan Graubard on flute. This is from Basho’s fourth album for Takoma, The Falconer’s Arm Volume 1, my personal favorite. The tune doesn’t appear on either of the Basho CDs that exist, and sure, it’s crazy hippies skipping naked through the fields intoxicated by Near Eastern exoticism and the musky scent of their own nakedness music, but I still kind of love it.

PS: Speaking of Fahey's label, I just got this on vinyl yesterday and will post something from it soon. The same day I picked up this for cheap(ish) in absolutely mint condition (did I really just say that? please kill me) so I'll be rocking it when I next DJ out and about.