Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I like it that way


Hope all my single brethren and sisteren had a groovy holiday yesterday, and maybe even picked up some chocolate half-price today? Yes. Me, I went to a 5-course dinner hosted by my friend Jason who's one of the best fancypants chefs in town, followed by late night making out with a rad girl -- that's about as livejournal as this dorkblog is gonna get! A'ight.

New Zealand still on the brain -- OK, I'll go with it. The Jean Paul Sartre Experience made three albums, all of them worth hearing. Their first, 1987's Love Songs, is the best one. This is from the walk-into-Pier-Platters-go-straight-to-the-New-
Zealand-section-and-buy-any-cool-looking-record-by-a-band- you've-never-heard -before era. That's how I got turned on to the brilliant JPSE (though it was reissued a year later Stateside by Communion), as well as the very great and still not yet reissued Alpaca Brothers EP, Look Blue Go Purple and the Bird Nest Roys, and ohhh man how I wish I still had my copy of DR501(c)3 or whatever it's called, you know, the first Dead C album on Flying Nun? "The Wheel" -- now there's a song...

PS: This link comes from Gerard via Brian Turner, just so you don't think I'm into saran wrap like that or anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cool. I had one of the albums and either didn't get it at the time or it wasn't as good as this song! I quite like the guitar and bass sounds on this.

3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Mike

Apparantly people think that we're related: anyway, I have that Dead C album on MP3s if you would like it to wing its way to you.

In a shameless act of self-promotion, I recently did a piece on flying nun here: www.stylusmagazine.com


Dave McGonigle

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Henry Mccall said...

Appreciatte your blog post

6:55 AM  

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