Wednesday, February 23, 2005

In my own dream

Download: EDITH FROST "Dreamers"
Download: THE BEARER "35 MM Dreams"
Download: KAREN DALTON "In My Own Dream"
Download: LA MONTE YOUNG "Dream House 1973"
Download: DREAM LOVERS "Song For My Daughter"
Download: IVOR CUTLER "Glasgow Dreamer Episode 1"
Download: LOUVIN BROTHERS "When I Stop Dreaming"
Download: JEFF MANGUM "My Dream Girl Doesn't Exist"
Download: NEW ORDER "Dreams Never End (live NZ 1982)"
Download: TIM HARDIN "How Can We Hang On To A Dream"

Man, I've had the craziest dreams lately. Not sleeping that much as I race to finish the MBV book as well as do other writing for rent, etc. The more my sleep is interrupted the better I remember my dreams, it seems. Are you one of those lucid dreamers? I am way too insane to be able to do that. What do you dream about? Usually zombies and robots are trying to kill me in mine. And sure there's sex, but it's not robot zombie sex, hot as that would be of course...

To make up for not posting much the last few weeks, here's a mini-mix-tape for you. Songs I did not post 'cause you should have them already include everything by the Dream Syndicate, Suicide's "Dream Baby Dream," "Levin Dream" by Sneaky Feelings, Amp Fiddler's "Dreamin'," De La Soul's masturbation ode "Dreams of the Funky Towel," Husker Du's "Recurring Dreams," that great early Sonic Youth song "I Dreamed I Dream," the 14 Roy Orbison songs that would fit here, that lovely little Sun Ra ditty "I Dream Too Much," and Television's "The Dream's Dream" from the Portland bootleg.

The Edith Frost song is from her MP3 Interwebnet album Demos. The song by The Bearer is from the essential collection Messthetics Vol. 2. The Karen Dalton song is from her second album, 1971's In My Own Time, which remains un-reissued for some screwy reason. The La Monte Young piece is from the Fluxus Anthology CD, which is archived as MP3s at the always amazing Ubuweb. The Dream Lovers tune is from a great unreleased album by them; a shortened version of this song appears on the CD accompanying YETI 3. The Ivor Cutler thing is him reading from his book of the same name. The Louvins tune is a bit of a cheat since it's by no means rare, but I had to do something to honor this amazing group, especially considering that Charlie Louvin of the Louvin Brothers celebrates 50 years of performing at the Opry this Friday (!) and sure his voice is pretty much gone at this point but dammit that guy is so sweet -- you really should make it to the tiny museum he runs in Bell Buckle, TN in honor of his group sometime soon, it's heart-breaking and excellent, but there he is himself at his own museum, mere yards from grizzly photographs of his brother’s deadly car accident. Woah. The Jeff Mangum song is from that tape made of his infamous solo show at Aquarius Records of July 4th, 1996. The New Order tune may be shitty sound quality but I love the performance -- it's from New Zealand, at the Hillsborough Hotel in Christchurch, in December of 1982. The Tim Hardin number is from that two disc collection of his Verve recordings. It’s probably the only single song covered by Nazareth, the Nice, and Marianne Faithful -- aside from “Happy Birthday,” perhaps.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I remember my dreams a lot. Maybe cause I don't sleep deep enough long enough. Even with nyquil or excessive substance I still can't escape for long enough. Oh well. I've got some tunes if you want to check them out. Hit my webpage if you're interested. LIne from Coffee and Cigarettes, "I like to drink coffee before I go to sleep...I can dream faster."

11:18 PM  
Blogger bakinakwa said...

Great post! Especially nice to see Karen Dalton on there, right alongside Edith Frost and Tim Hardin, very nice.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was out searching for lucid dream related information, when I landed on your page. Mike McGonigal you have some good stuff there. While In my own dream wasn't exactly what I was looking for I enjoyed the read Thanks. So I'll continue on looking for lucid dream, see you again some time.

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Anonymous Stellet Tip said...

Thiss is great

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