Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Drink a long draught down

THE FALL "Who Makes the Nazis?"
THE FALL "Hip Priest"
I'm all for bygones being bygones as much as anyone, but it is worth noting that the new Pope is a former member of the Hitler Youth (who were not a band -- and which was of course compulsory) and much more recently, as head of the Institution formerly known as the Inquisition, he's personally responsible for reminding all Catholic clergy that a 1962 Vatican edict was still in effect and expulsion would result for those not following it. This cheery document states that all victims of sexual abuse at the hands of clergy are supposed to enter a vow of silence about the whole business, and let the Church deal with it, not authorities -- instead of you know, being partly human and rational about the issue of kidfucker priests. Regardless, I'm sure he'll be a ruling Holy Father and unite us all in peace and harmony and love for humankind and stuff.

I rarely post music that's readily available -- am making an exception for this special occasion -- the songs will be taken down very quickly -- both are from Hex Enduction Hour, quite likely one of the ten best records ever, ever, ever.

Note: this is partly in response to a thread on ILM.

PS: See also "Papal Visit" on Room To Live.


Blogger MsCuteShorts said...

Yes, because the Church really takes care of their pedophile priests. And, by "take care," I do not mean fire. I mean, of course, shuffling the priest off to a new town and church where he can prey on new children whose unsuspecting parents know nothing of his previous abuse.

I'm looking at you, Cardinal Law. Creep.

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