Sunday, October 02, 2005

And cry behind the door

KENDRA SMITH "Alle Morgens Parties" ("All Tomorrow's Parties" sung in German)

From my collection of flexi-discs, most of which I hung onto even through junkiedom 12 years ago 'cause even the rare ones are pretty worthless. My understanding is that all the parts were played by Kendra Smith, and it was produced by Steve Wynn and recorded at Down There Studios, in June 1981. The flexi was originally included in an issue of the dreadful fanzine The Bob in 1987. Not the very best song I've ever posted but also probably not the worst.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that you are posting flexidiscs, are you thinking about posting any of the vinyl that came out with Chemical Imbalance? I used to think I was cool having the Yo La Tengo cover of Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams", but now anybody can get it on the new YLT cd...

Could you repost the Grifters track? I am late getting into them (by about ten years) and would like to hear it. Saw your name in the credits on Crappin You Negative!
Thanks -- jonhope

8:45 AM  
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