Thursday, January 12, 2006

How do you tell if a squirrel is on crack?

FEVEN "Welanureiney"

The only way I'm going to get YETI out more often is to include more people in the editing/ selection process, not to mention in production. And I'm confident I've got this happening now, in a way that will not make it any less "quality." My business partner is real good with layout and I'm very very psyched to be free of trying to design the thing as I am self-taught and not very ept in that field. For the disc, I'm asking a handful of people to come up with roughly a dozen minutes of music. One of those will be a spectacular twelve minute track, other selections will be one minutes apiece. Thus far Phil from Misra, Adam Forkner, Mike Doughty and E*Rock have all agreed to help collect CD submissions, and I'll put about twenty minutes of the thing together myself. Naturally, I'll have veto power. I was gonna ask either my friends at Sublime Frequencies or at CaseQuarter or maybe at Dust to Digital to assist as well. We'll see.

This song here was recorded by Mike Doughty during his recent trip to Ethiopia; the idea is to have a few tunes from his trip on the next YETI CD plus a song of his own. This tune may or may not appear on the next YETI disc. It's by a woman named Feven and I don't know anything yet about her other than I really want to hear more. Will get more info. on her ASAP. Doughty is an awesome cat and I am bummed he is not moving to Portland anytime soon, as he was thinking of doing...

Speaking of travel and friends and stuff (that segue works for me), PDX-based photographer Mike Rubenstein (who took those awesome pics of the Sun City Girls for when I did that Seattle Weekly cover story a year and a half ago) went to Bangladesh recently to take photos of the effects of arsenic poisoning from UN-dug wells there on the local population. All the water there is apparently poisoned; as I understand it, folks can either drink canal water polluted with sewage and die in a few weeks, or drink from the wells and die in fifteen to twenty years.

Slept way too much yesterday, it was really weird but I guess it takes some time to adjust to new medication; today I look up the possible side effects to one of the meds I'm on to get the blood sugar under control and it's right there, "excessive sleepiness" or something like that. I should start looking that kinda shit up before I gobble the pills right? Funny the way doctors and medical indutsry people put stuff, like when I got called by the clinic I got a blood test at a month ago while cutting into some steel with my torch for the first time in months, when they said to get my ass into the ER right away or else I might experience a "cardiac event." Cardiac event! Sounds like a Mille Plateaux act from 1996, esp. if you translate it to German. I didn't feel like having any cardiac events, of course. I'm under forty! Krikey. Weird how the Times is devoting so much space to diabetes this week, and totally helpful to me as there's still so much I don't understand about it yet.

Feeling pretty great today though. Peppy. Maybe I just needed to rest a lot? But, so much to do though, fuck fuck fuck. I need to clone myself a dozen times. Got a decent morning chuckle thanks to this. And the one song I've heard from the next Vetiver album is so great it has me smiling all over, happy like a squirrel on crack who's dug up a really sweet, big-ass stash. Andy says he'll get me a Vetiver song to post here soon, FYI.

Ohh, and Dennis Cooper finally weighs in on the JT LeRoy thing here.