Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Fundamental Tom

TARA JANE O'NEIL "Fundamental Tom"

Nice instrumental piece from the new TJO jam In Circles, which is flat-out fabulous. You better get yourself a copy of her two import CDs issued on vinyl by the brilliant Mississippi Records, and soon.

If I may lazily slip into self-promotional mode, one of the dozen book projects we have on the back burner is a small, square hardbound, thick full color book of Tara's visual work, with a CD of all new material included. We're gonna do the same with E*Rock, but his will have a DVD inside. OK, enough goofing around.

Now to cogently segue into the confessional mode, I have to say I'm a bit stressed to be meeting my girl's folks for the first time tonight. Also, am I the only one totally confused about is it a Monday or is it a Wednesday or what? Something tells me no.


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