Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I lost my sense of

THE GREAT UNWASHED "Sense of Balance"

This live ca. '81 song is from the Oddities Two cassette, which I believe has yet to receive a release beyond its initial cassette pressing in the '80s on Flying Nun. Used to own a copy; my brother Kevin came up with a CD burn of it that sounds rather nice for my birthday or Christmas or something the other year.

This was/ is an awesome present as I'd not heard these particular Clean and Great Unwashed songs in years, and I cling to my belief that a lame little throwaway song by the brothers Kilgour bests most acts' best tunes. I am a very difficult person to get gifts for. I either have it or I used to have it or have a Very Big Opinion about it (how could you get me that? are you saying I'm friggin lame?) that precludes me from digging it. Or if I don't have it already or haven't heard it or read it how can it be any good? Hah. Just kidding. Sort of. My sister Katie gets me fancy soap, which is a very smart gift, and if she's saying I'm smelly or soemthing at least she's saying that nicely. My other sister simply gives me some cash; all these gifts are perfect. If you want to give me a gift sometime, and I know you do!, make it cash or fancy soap or an obscure recording of some sort that you know for a fact I do not have. OK, glad to have that cleared up.

Last night while putting the final finishing touches on the YETI 4 CD, I thought that what I should do with the YETI discs now that we're going to start coming out with them more often (really) is to turn a small chunk of each (and space inthe accompanying issue) over to a series of bands I've always loved and yet who maybe people don't know so well, focusing on rare/ unreleased material by each (not super obscure but like... the Grifters, the Clean, 39 Clocks, Charlie Pickett and the Eggs, June Brides maybe). 'Cause it sure would rule to, for instance, have a handful of rare Clean/ related tracks on one disc?! We'll see.

I also really want to have "guest curators" each time now, as both Eric from Mississippi Records and Adam Forkner both got me some amazing stuff on the new one... YETI 4 has four amazing Ethiopian, Eritrean and Kenyan tracks from the '20s and from this year that you've never heard before. And they rule. And they make me not so bummed that there is hardly any gospel on this disc.


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