Monday, December 27, 2004

...And then again, I like to steal off all alone

Download: SOUL STIRRERS "Nearer To Thee (live)"

Hey. I am at my sister's house, outside SF. Have seen a few friends, hung out with family a lot, and just had a great little x-mas vacation. Hope you are swell and had a groovy one yourself and stuff. The sculptures I made for people (the first I'd made in 15 years) went over really well; I'm encouraged to do more... So, I am posting this tune which is not exactly "rare," but because it's my favorite song of 2004 that was not released in 2004. You dig?

The tune comes from the expanded CD version of the mindfuckinglyintense Great 1955 Shrine Concert, which was recorded on July 22, 1955, at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with their "First Annual Mid-Summer Festival of Gospel Music" and you can purchase it here or pay to download here. To quote myself from the eMusic review because I'm lazy from eating too much amazing food for two days straight, this time capsule from the tail-end of gospel's "golden age" showcases the phenomenal diversity and house-rocking power of the era with five of classic gospel's best-known artists (Pilgrim Travelers, Caravans, Brother Joe May, Soul Stirrers and the Original Gospel Harmonettes), plus the more obscure singers Ethel Davenport and Annette May.


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Hi! I think your blog's really great -- any chance you'll get an syndication feed?


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i thought you were linking to here b/c you posted a big blog about how much we all suck out here. :P


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Hi Mike, I was just doing a bit of surfing, looking for sites relating to Hardcore Gospel, I found yoursite by searching for Hardcore Gospel on Google... Now even though ...And then again, I like to steal off all alone isn't a perfect match, I thought I'd just leave a quick one to say cool post.

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