Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Bring a kiss up to my lips

Download: MY BLOODY VALENTINE "Sugar (flexi-disk)"

A moment of silence for the flexi, please -- no one makes 'em anymore! I always sort of hated them and this is why I released 7" singles with my own 'zine, but I have lots of cool stuff only available on this very impermanent medium. This is strangely one of very few items that survived my hardcore junkie period -- my landlord saved it for me even though I owed him a ton of $ at the time (felt so good to pay him back, though it took a few years!).

This fine little ditty appears on a French promo only CD, as well as this flexi which was given away with Catalogue magazine ca. 1989. I think I bought it while working at See Hear, when it came out. I ADORE the strange percolating percussion going on underneath this song. More about it appears in my not-yet-finished-but-it-will-be-sooon book on MBV's Loveless.