Saturday, December 11, 2004

Ohh, when I put on my robe -- oh yes, oh yes

Download: CLARENCE CLAY & WILLIAM SCOTT "Wait Till I Put On My Robe"

This is for Mark, who emailed to say that the Magby song had him "grinning and tapping [his] toes like 10 min after listening to it." I predict this will have a similar effect. Pete Welding recorded these street singers in 1961 for Testament Records. Mine is obviously from the vinyl but you should totally get the CD. I could totally have every record on Testament (and THEN I'd be happy.) Wait, Amazon has used copies for less than $3.00. Hooray.

Anyway, these guys were blind street performers and I love this record. I listen to it just by flipping it over again and again. I don't know of any other accordion-based gospel music, though the music seems to adapt itself to the instrument perfectly (esp. their version of "In That Great Gettin' Up Morning.") This here song was pretty popular in the '20s and '30s I think -- certainly I've heard jubilee quartets as well as string bands do it.

I'd say more about them but my LP with its fancy liner notes is already packed in a box in the garage, sorry. Moving in December is the dumbest thing ever.


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