Thursday, December 16, 2004

One of our very favorite hippies, ever!

Download: ROBBIE BASHO "Babs"

Live six string acoustic recording by the great guitarist, off of Falconer's Arm Vol. 1 (Takoma, 1967). Pretty straight-forward, almost decorative tune, kind of a rag but there's a drifting formless piece in the center as well. Of course, even Basho's longest, most out-there works ("Blue Lotus"!) have a very composed feeling to them. The only people alive I can think of/ know of who do this type of playing justice are Ben Chasny, Jack Rose from Pelt, and of course Steffen Basho-Junghans. Richard Bishop can play like this when he wants to, also...

Basho was allegedly "killed by his chiropractor" in 1986. I've always found this a bit far-fetched, but hey, Keith Relf really did electrocute himself while playing guitar and Mama Cass really did die from choking on a sandwich, right? This song has never been reissued; hope you like. More unreleased Basho to come, so sit tight.

FYI: The mp3s being made available on this site are 99% of the time from very rare and/or out of print sources. If something is more easily available, as is the case with the Comets on Fire track from the "Bong" LP that I'm about to upload, I'll write and get permission from the copyright holder first. Any artists at all unhappy with my posting a song just leave a comment; it'll imediately be taken down.


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