Thursday, December 23, 2004

X Mas Mess

Download: Mike's Christmas Mix CD for 2004

Made this mix by mashing together (as opposed to mashing up -- sheesh what do you think this is, 2002?) sixty tracks, everything edited pretty tightly, segueing into another which is why this is one looooong-ass file rahter than sixty separate ones. Take the time to download; I think you'll like! It's 79:56 and should just barely squeeze onto an 80 minute disc.

The easily print-out-able cover, with snazzy "rock graphics," plus title and artist information for each bit, is here.


Blogger verdantone said...

Do you think you could repost the track list for this? I seemed to have misplaced mine in a post xmas frenzy and I'd like to have it for next year.
Or you could email it to me (

6:11 PM  

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