Monday, January 03, 2005

I've had trials and tribulations...

Download: HIGHWAY QCs "Somewhere To Lay My Head"

Ahhhh. This is the song I was looking for last night. It's the tune I got the name for the blog from. Many gospel songs speak of being "(re)buked and scorned" but this's the one I happened to fall in love with. It was on a cheapo comp. of golden age gospel I picked up ten years ago at that weird little shop (Stuz?) that used to be across the street from Tompkins Square Books (RIP), this import CD with no information aside from song titles (welcome to gospel collecting!) that nonetheless served as a totally great intro. -- I'd never heard of the QCs or Inez Andrews or the Swan Silvertones or the Caravans or Dixie Hummingbirds and they were all on this thing, which had a photo of one of the groups (I think the Swans) superimposed on top of a blackjack wheel on the cover, hah. How clueless and excellent!

This style of mournful, sweet, slow, stomping gospel always gets to me, especially when done with such perfection as on "Somewhere," one of the Highway QCs' best-known numbers. Holy fuck, do I love this band.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, Mike -- I recently played this recording by the Highway QCs on my radio program, "Gospel Memories." The lead singer is Johnnie Taylor who would go on to become a soul music legend.

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