Monday, March 14, 2005

Moving closer to heaven

FAUST "Party 1"
MARKOS VAMVAKARIS "Prépi Na Xéris Michaní"
LES BATTERIES "Resignation"
ELDER ROMA WILSON "Better Get Ready"
ANDREAS THE MUSICAL BAND "Tell Me the Story of Jesus/ Baby Face"

Here's a mini-mix for a Monday morning, my brothers and sisters. Not feeling verbose at all today, and yeah, maybe it's not the most, you know, lively mix for a Monday morning, but I'm sure you can find an advance copy of the new Beck album or something equally exciting on the interweb if you try hard enough:

The Moles tune is from the very fine 1999 Flydaddy expanded reissue of their great 1992 debut Untune the Sky.

The Faust track is from the BBC Sessions + CD.

The song by bouzouki master Markos Vamakaris is from a 1998 Rounder compilation of recordings made during the 1930s.

The Standard Quartette song is a cylinder recording made in 1894 by the DC-based group; it's from the fascinating Document collection, The Earliest Negro Vocal Quartets Volume 1: 1894-1928.

The Les Batteries track is from the 1996 album Bell Systems on Rift.

The Elder Roma Wilson recording was made in Detroit ca. 1948. It's from the Arhoolie collection This Train is a Clean Train, and features Roma on vocals and harmonica accompanied by his sons Clyde and Sammy, who at the time were aged 11 and 13, respectively.

Finally, the last thing is from the collection Lucas & Friends Discover a World of Sounds, one of many albums that collect found home and amateur recordings and are best listened to a few minutes at a time.


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