Saturday, April 23, 2005

You don't care, you're just a waste

VOID "Annoyed"
VOID "Go South"
I didn't realize until yesterday that the infamous 1981 VOID demo was officially released as a 7" on vinyl ten years ago! Sure, it's not as entirely amazing as the Faith/ VOID EP, but... what is?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This stuff is amazing. It's a great 7". But where's the rest?

"Black, Jewish and Poor" from this session was also released on the Dischord box. According to my Internet research, there are a buncha demos tracks out there:

VOID "80-81 Hit And Run Demos" 35m
1. Short Song
2. War Hero
3. Go South
4. Condensed Flesh
5. Controller
6. Revolt
7. Dehumanized
8. Summer Sucks
9. Organized Sports
10. Who the Fuck are You?
11. Annoyed
12. I Don't Wanna Be Like You
13. Black, Jewish and Poor
14. Please Give Us a Chance
15. Please Sir
16. Time to Die
17. Self Defense
18. Draft Me Please
19. No More Authority
20. Untitled
21. I Was a Weekend Punk
22. Wasted

PLUS, their unreleased "Potion Of Bad Dreams" record from 1984.

And: Happy birthday.

9:24 AM  
Blogger Mike McGonigal said...

Folks, Mr. Immerwahr is one of our favorite people! A great musician and the sweetest guy!!! Please email us some new music if you have any -- or maybe some "Codeine rarities"?!

VOID -- I'll have to look for that stuff on SLSK or some such place...

11:28 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Void Discography looks somthing like this:

-A couple demo tapes blah blah whatever.(80-81)'hit and run'

-Recorded some demo stuff at inner ear 1981 but didnt release it at that time.

-Void/Faith LP.(1982)

Unreleased(but easy to find mp3s)LP
"Potion of bad dreams" recorded in 1983 but never released.

The inner ear recordings were released in 1992 as the 'Condensed Flesh EP' on 7" by Eye 95 records.

10:55 AM  
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