Monday, May 09, 2005

He wants to eat me up

PETE TOWNSHEND "Don't Look Away (demo)"
This was posted on the download section of PT's own site a few years ago. I love his demos; they show how totally the guy had every little aspect of the Who's songs figured out aforehand, yet it's not as simple as the band showing up to play the parts, exactly. A few of the songs even sound better in demo form... Clearly, this is not one of them, that "ripping" Chet Atkins solo aside. The vocals are so cringe-worthy on the chorus, aaaaggggghhh! But that's partly why I love this strange little version of this sort of throwaway tune from A Quick One. I guess when you really love something, you love it totally, you know? At least, I do. Well -- ideally, I do. The obvious faults aren't so bothersome, anyway, know'msaying? The Who was the first band I really got 100% join-the-fan-club/ buy-ever-bootleg obsessed with and, okay, fell in love with, back in the 7th grade. I still feel that up until Tommy they did not do a single wrong thing. That's when I broke up with the Who, when I realized in 9th grade how bullshit Tommy was...

I'll be in SF for the rest of the week: visiting a girl I'm sweet on, hanging with family, making at least one work-related visit, and krikey I sure do hope that Colm from MBV lets me talk to him a bit while I'm there for the book! There's a small stack of rare and cheap gospel 45s I left behind at a very large record shop 4 months ago -- they'll still be there, surely? Wish me luck finding 'em (a few were on Nashboro, sheesh!)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No chance of you reposting that Rema Rema track, is there? Yousendit is giving me some jibba-jabba about it being down n' out, or whatever.

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