Thursday, September 22, 2005

...And things I ain't seen yet


Been listening to the Bobby Charles LP he made with the Band for Bearsville in 1971 a lot lately, the one I've posted about before. The one that Andy Cabic told me about like a year ago for which I am very grateful. This song in particular has been a favorite lately; such timely lyrics! I want to write an article somehwere about Charles focusing on this album but where? YETI I guess. I can actually say with real authority that the infamous and ancient YETI 3 will see the light of day very shortly, an issue to trail it in March '06.

I'd not believe me about that either, but it's true. Work continues on Rugburn and the MBV book will be finished in three weeks! Then I'm going to nap for a week.

The best news is that LUC SANTE's manuscript arrived yesterday, the collection we're doing of his selected magazine/newspaper writings, late Spring '06 release on YETI books. Luc's MS is so fucking good, of course!!! Twenty-two chapters. Luc is one of the best living essayists (not that that is all he does, of course) and a super swell dude, to boot. (What is the origin of the phrase "to boot," by the way? Someone point me to an awesome etymology site, please.)

In two weeks I'll even be sharing some swank, small and cheap office space with my new business partner, so it's all really exciting. I now have two rooms plus storage and my own half-bath in the house I rent. Then there's my use whenever I want it of a huge metal sculpture studio. And soon, the office share which is also 24/7. I pay very little (like $615/ mo.) for all of that -- this being of course AFTER rents in Portland have increased quite a bit in the last decade. That's half to two-thirds what similar space would cost in Seattle, and at least a quarter what it would in NYC. Have I ever mentioned that I totally love Portland?


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From the OED website (subsciber's only unfortunately -- The Man pays for my subscription) first definition of boot, n.:

I. Good, advantage, profit, use.

1. Good: in phrase to boot: ‘to the good’, to advantage, into the bargain, in addition; besides, moreover.

c1000 Daniel 200 (Gr.) Cu edydon, æt hie..noldon; oft hie to bote bealde ecwædon. 1330 R. BRUNNE Chron. (1825) 163 (Mätz), A hundreth knyghtes mo..and four hundreth to bote, squieres of gode aray. 1377 LANGL. P. Pl. XIV. 268 Bi assent of sondry partyes and syluer to bote. 1543 J. WILLOUGHBY in Strype Cranmer (1694) App. 66 Mr. Gardiner to sign for himself, and Serles to boot. 1652 EARL OF MONMOUTH Hist. Relations 171 To boot that he had received many distastes from the French. Ibid. 9 To boot with the Councel of the States General, the United Provinces have three Councels apart. 1653 tr. Carmeni's Nissena 42 To boot that it was commonly whispered about, etc. 1660 PEPYS Diary 13 Feb., For two books that I had and 6s. 6d. to boot I had my great book of songs. a1679 T. GOODWIN Wks. (1861) I. 88 He shall have all things into boot. a1711 KEN Damonet Poet Wks. 1721 IV. 505 Would you give yours, and your whole Flock to boot. 1867 FREEMAN Norm. Conq. (1876) I. iv. 222 One who held all Gaul and all Britain, with seemingly Germany to boot.

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