Thursday, September 01, 2005

Close that door

R.L. BURNSIDE "Poor Black Mattie"
R.L. BURNSIDE "I Believe"

I'm hearing that R.L. Burnside passed away this morning in a hotel room in Memphis. The Fat Possum website confirms it. Shitpissfuck. These songs are R.L.'s earliest known recordings; his style's not in absolute full effect but I love the intimacy and stripped-down quality going on with these "field" recordings. The record they're from is called Mississippi Hill Country Blues; it's highly recommended.

It's getting to be where I don't want to look at the news anymore, but I can't stop. Thinking good thoughts for everyone in the Gulf, donating dough to Red Cross (soooooooo easy via Amazon, who already have your credit card, my friend!) but of course things seem to be worse every day and it's freaking me the fuck out. Check out Interdictor if you've not already: dude blogging from downtown New Orleans -- I especially appreciated this post.


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