Monday, September 19, 2005

If they ever change the weather, it would be a shame

CARDINAL "Singing to the Sunshine"

OK, so I guess it's too late baby, now, it's too late (thanks to Daily Kos for the link)? Not next decade, not next generation, but it appears that we've "screwed the pooch," already? Time to buy Nova Scotian real estate, I guess -- the parts that won't be under water, anyway? Get ready for even more floods and famine and weird diseases? Wait, that sounds almost... Biblical. Hmmm.

Cardinal was a band that made one fabulous smart little self-titled album of decadent pop music eleven years ago. It is amongst the best work by either of its participants, Eric Matthews and Richard Davies, and would be the finest by either of them were i tnot for the early recordings of the Moles. The thing was reissued this year, but my version's from the original on Flydaddy (which I only mention 'cause it was remastered, okay).

Sun Ra remains the one musician I'm lucky to have seen more than any other, as I believe I've already written here. I saw Sun Ra with the Arkestra twice in high school, but what happened is later, as a little NYU boy, I lived near the Bottom Line nightclub. And in the '80s the group did a series of residencies there, and my awesome uncle David took me to most of 'em (what a guy!) and the ones he didn't, I took myself to.

I post the song "Mu" off the excellent 1967 LP Atlantis because I was searching for another song or two to fit a "theme of global warming." Seriously. I hate to admit that since it's so cheesey but so are mp3 blogs that attempt to address "issues" with "stolen songs," if we are to be remotely realistic about life (or, my life, anyway).

I started to listen to this beautiful little vamp over and over again ("Mu") and then I was meditating on civilaztions that come and go whether they're real or not. And to think about if indeed mankind is a virus that the Earth is doing its best to get rid of, or if there's just something innately self-destructive/ implosive to humans in general -- not that the two half-baked and well-trodden ideas are in any way exclusive, of course.

Sometimes I wish I could write like those smart people, you know like Josh from Hermenaut, because what smart people do is to take crazy mixed-up shit and help you make sense of it, help you feel like you understand what the real problems are, whereas it seems my literary faculties are only good for rendering some of the confusion and craziness I feel, passing it on like a late summer head cold. And lately mixed-up confusion and rage's all I feel when I'm not distracting myself with being in love or watching some great movie or writing about Kevin Shields and his very mighty guitar that reverberates through your consciousness like some incredibly ineffective metaphor!!!

Like, OK, I sit here and I read that the British finally out Uber Papa Bush as the great bad Nazi collaborator we all know he was, and the LA Weekly tells us to not expect the curtain to fall open again anytime soon when it comes to the media actually having a human response to our occupying government's inability to give a single fuck for its non-corporate or apocalypse-culture friends. And the polar ice sheet has already melted too much, buy sunscreen at Costco. And Dubya lets loose with even more crazy barely-coded rapture alert code orange bullshit every time he talks about the storm, or anything.

You know, it's almost as if his cronies have engineered everything in the past five years to actually bring about this apocalypse they're all so enraptured with
-- hah, get it, enraptured?! But of course this is not possible. We saw Damian the Omen Part Two and the bad guy died at the end of that movie, right? The German press, and others, think this current mess is the end of the Bush regime. I admire their ability to see the end of this current empire, or this version of it anyway, and to be so optimistic. I could really use some fucking optimism, and not tomorrow.

I apologize for my very ham-fisted commentary here. Perhaps the only thing worse than when music writers try to be political hacks is when they start rock bands. So, I'll go do that instead.

PS: I'm sure you've heard this here Katrina response song already but I definitely felt these lyrics tonight: "It's enough to make you holler out/Like where the fuck is Sir Bono and his famous friends now?/Don't get it twisted, man, I dig U2/But if you ain't about the ghetto, than fuck you too/Who cares about rock and roll when babies can't eat food?"


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No need to apologize. I'm sure everyone reading this is in complete agreement with you re: Bush. I know I am.

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