Thursday, December 29, 2005

One two three four

CLOGS ""Ostinato"/ "Five:Four" (Medley)

Our pal Alec at Brassland sent us this (*EXCLUSIVE!*) medley of two tunes off the Clogs' Feb. '06 release Lantern, and I'm supposed to mention that the group is sort of a side project of the National and that they're touring the United Kingdom in January and February.

Four years after his passing, and I'm missing W.G. Sebald's presence in this world. (Talked about him all night while dining at my single favorite joint in Portland, the sandwich shop and oh so much more Valentines.) I love when things seem to be totally random or just some rambling journey but then you realize later that they're totally crafted. And Sebald, who's of course best known for inserting images into his texts, has this in spades. And the way he deals with the Holocaust is so honest and intense and never maudlin, kind of like Primo Levi in that regard. I think I need to re-read him, after I finish re-reading Death to the Pigs (who else misses the days Atlas Press was putting out new books every year?)

I'm writing comments for the first time in like a dozen year for the VOICE's year-end poll today while I take a short break from more pressing work, though I might not even send the comments in. I kind of wish the Pazz & Jop poll would have a haterz section, where you could vote the one act you despised the most. Were the options a buffet line, would I vote for the Miracle Whip of Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the decaf no-foam no-fat double cappucino of U2 or the stale bologna sandwich with pickles of the Hold Steady? I'd probably go with Clap Your Hands, just 'cause I feel so strongly about the necrophagy vs. necromancy debate. Also, they suck. Bland dispassionate unoriginal suckity suck. Much worse, they make me feel old! Since I cannot discuss them w/o sounding like a hateful old man. Which I will now stop being. I swear. And be grateful there is no "worst" category, 'cause that's mean and stuff anyway.

Twenty years after he died, we all miss dennes dale boon, of course. Just in case you have not seen David Rees' passionate tribute to this unfortunate anniversary, it's here.

Want to know what Alan McGee said when I finally tracked him down for the LOVELESS book? And I quote: "Sorry that record fucking bores me.Long live The Libertines,Dirty Pretty Things and Babyshambles." Hah. Dude. I almost love that that's all he said.


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