Monday, January 09, 2006

Happening every day

REV. A JOHNSON "The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow"
HENRY GREEN "Strange Things"

Loving the fact that so much Document material is available on eMusic; these songs are both from the awesome disc 1950s Gospel Classics. Can't find anything about these performers though; when is the posting of liner notes along with mp3s going to be just the way things are done? (Full disclosure in case you don't know: I write a monthly column for eMusic.) This Henry Green tune is another one to add to the growing list of blues-gospel hybrid tunes from well past the heyday of sanctified blues; it's nice isn't it? Just listened to it nine times in a row.

Spoke with Bilinda Butcher for quite some time yesterday, and she is just the sweetest person; I was half an hour late for brunch with my girlfriend and Austin from the great band Fauna Polly 'cause she just kept talking when I thought it was going to be this awkward twenty minute chat. Spent a lot of time on things that won't be in such detail in the book -- about her kids, and the deal with why there were a dozen chinchillas in My Bloody Valentine's recording studio/ house during the lost years, etc. She sounded remarkably happy and cool, though, and in the last ten years or so she's just been raising her kids and hanging with her boyfriend and doing Spanish dancing.

That's right, Spanish dancing. More juicy details like that in the book. Can't give it all away. You gotta buy the book.

Bilinda is still pals with Kevin, and has hopes to make music with him again someday. I didn't ask if that was really her last name or not as that seemed kind of ridiculous, somehow. It was awesome to get her perspective on what it was like to be in a band where the music was predominantly recorded by one person, then played by the full band, as it sounds like the band were totally cool with that. Of course, Bilinda's style of singing was/is totally original and un-ripoffable and so much of what's great about the band. Plus she could almost do the whammy tremolo guitar playing as well as Kevin onstage.

It's nice to do some things as more of an "adult," like talk to certain people now. When I'd met the band and hung with them a bit during the Loveless tour, I was struck with a total fanboy loss of nerve to say anything more than "hey" to her and Debbie, 'cause they made this insanely sexy music and were cute as hell and they were in my favorite band, you know?

Anyway, I don't know how to segue to this so I won't even try -- the whole JT LeRoy revelation makes me kinda sick to my stomach, especially since I rather liked the books. Especially the first one as it was so Apple Dumpling Gang meets Dennis Cooper. Time to bury your raccoon bones, friends! And thank God you never bought "his" awful-looking Da Capo Guide to the Best Music Writing of 2005 book...

Someone is posting a bunch of rare Nurse With Wound related material, some of it never issued on CD, and that is a very lovely thing deserving of your immediate attention, methinks.

Is the use of the word feuilleton a common thing these days? I guess it should be since mainstream media seems to be getting more and more about short inconsequential fluffy filler type pieces and lists (soon there will be entire movies that are just lists, mark my words). But of course there's a connotation to me of feuilleton with, you know, whimsy, and the last fin de siecle, and groovy stuff like that!: Felix Feneon, Robert Walser, Alphonse Allais... Point is, I actually found some year-end type lists I almost like in the LA Weekly and they called it by that fancy name.

But I probably almost-like it just 'cause of the fancy name. I'm one of those people who buys fancy mineral water at Trader Joe's, after all.