Thursday, January 05, 2006

What can I do or say to let you know the state I'm in?

BIG BOYS "Which Way to Go"
BOBBY BIRDMAN "I Will Come Again"
LILYS "The Hermit Crab"
HOLY MODAL ROUNDERS "Give the Fiddler a Dram"

This Big Boys song sounds as absolutely perfect today as it did twenty years ago when I first heard it thanks to the brilliant painter Alex Brown (who also turned me on to Eric B and Rakim on the same day). But ooohh, man. I can't believe I forgot to dedicate YETI 3 to Randy "Biscuit" Turner; bums me out I didn't do that.

The Bobby Birdman track is a remix by the uber-talented YACHT, from a 12" on the brand-new PDX-based Fryk Beat label. Is there a finer lap-pop crooner out there? Didn't think so.

Yesterday I posted some stuff on ILX about music writer Robert Christgau that I feel like an asshole for saying. I love it when I get all indignant and railing against someone only to realize a few seconds later I not only sound like a fuckwad but I basically was talking to myself, writing out of jealousy and of course fear. I just feel like what's the good in saying asshole-ish things whether they're true or not? Also whenever I'm really self-righteous I fail to make a point very clearly and resort to generalizations more than ever. Sorry to sound all Dr. Phil there. At least I think that was what Dr. Phil would sound like, only meaner and louder and all about somebody else, right? That guy is a douche and I shan't regret saying that. Can you believe the outrageous comments on my blog? I am going out on a limb there, oh good gosh and golly.

My girlfriend is staying with me until she gets her own place; as a total and complete slob with way too much stuff I don't fully realize the extent of my slovenliness until a fairly sane person comes into contact with it. This had me thinking of the "Hermit Crab" song 'cause I think hermit crabs totally have the right idea -- just take your house with you, and don't own more than you can carry. Plus, the Lilys came up in a three hour conversation I had the privelege of finally having with Kevin Shields last week and now I have to rework half my MBV book but it's totally worth it to have the thing be accurate and to have that record's creator's input is awesome. Of all the bands to rip off MBV, I'll take the Swirlies and Lilys over any of their British contemporaries. So many people I respect seem to dig Swervedriver though, that I guess I owe them another listen? Also, I posted the tune 'cause my girl's name is Lily. Also again, the Lilys have a new album due out in a month or so. Can't wait to hear it; wonder which direction they've gone off on now? Hope that Kurt is doing alright ghostwriting these days. That guy's wonderful.

The Holy Modal Rounders tune is here to encourage all good people to tip as well as they can, even when they can't. Tip thirty percent today. Always give a buck for coffee no matter what the coffee cost. If you can't aford that, make coffee at home, you know? Anyway. Apparently I'm more Andy Rooney than Dr. Phil when you get down to it. This's one of the best trad. tunes the Rounders ever tackled, in my book. So few people can really cover that stuff and get the flat fucked-up nasally vocal style down, you know? Though not appreciated by folkie purists in their day, with hindsight the classic pre-trips version of the group sounds like the most "authentic" folk act of the entire revival! I love that.

PS: Does anyone have one of these babies yet? I want.

PPS: NYT's second-most-emailed article of yesterday concerns a place I am rather happy opened up in my 'hood very recently. Just wish the prices were a tad better, or that their cheese selection could come close to Whole Foods'... Yes, I have vaguely yuppie appetites when it comes to food.