Thursday, May 18, 2006

I want to marry your daughter

JOSEPH SPENCE "Good Morning, Mister Walker"
PSYCHIC ILLS "January Rain"

As mentioned before, there's a chance I'll get an unreleased Spence track via Elijah Wald into Yeti #4, the release date for which has slipped to August 15, by the way, since releasing anything in June or July is really dumb (so much for being "quarterly," this year at least.) Once you stop laughing at/ with this Bahamian, there's so much else to captivate the listener, I think -- he plays music like he invented the stuff himself, and there's a lot going on that's really on here, I promise -- pay attention to what he's doing rhythmically, for instance. Ooops, did I just sound like a friggin school teacher? Lo siento. Next up we have a song off the album Dins, on the oft-great label Social Registry, by Psychic Ills. I don't know anything about them.

No real theme connecting these things today. Am in a bad mood right now, for no reason aside from a protracted and mangled exeperience with a corporation who want me to do much more than send an invoice to them before getting paid. Not a fan. I think I need to "make a meeting," and toot sweet, if I may speak in the parlance of my secret society for a second. Later.


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