Thursday, January 26, 2006

Twin prizes waiting for the sun

39 CLOCKS, "Stupid Art"

Ugh. Much to moan about today. Car trouble, sickie sickness. Missed the going away party for my pal Beth in Seattle, and then there's this near-constant rain here in PDX. I can't even order mochas anymore either! And I'm behind with everything. Whatever, enough emo BS. This song is already helping me feel better. It goes very nicely with the rain, and my headache.

If you live in Portland and are out and about next Thursday (you know, "first Thursday," when all the art openings happen downtown) please do drop by this shindig:

YUMMY FUR: A YETI Magazine Group Show
Opening February 2nd, Groundhogs Day, at Valentines, all night long (within reason)

Kevin Arrow (Miami, FL)
Julianna Bright (Portland, OR)
Claudia Brown (Portland, OR)
Mark Dwinell (Brooklyn, NY)
E-Rock (Portland, OR)
Alan Greenberg (Portland, OR)
Liz Haley (Portland, OR)
Chris Johanson (Portland, OR)
Josh Kermite (Portland, OR)
Robert McCormack (Madison, NJ)
Jason Miles (Seattle, WA)
Tara Jane O'Neill (Portland, OR)
Lucy Raven (Brooklyn, NY)
Alisyn Smith (Portland, OR)
Marian St. Laurent (Brooklyn, NY)
Gretchen Vaudt (Portland, OR)

Rad tunes all night provided by DJ Yeti, aka Mike McGonigal, who curated the show.

The premise of YUMMY FUR is really simple; it's just art by people that are or will be (or anyway should be) featured in YETI magazine. YETI is an internationally-distributed, book-bound arts 'zine based in Portland, Oregon. The magazine has been praised by the New York Times, Village VOICE, Seattle Weekly, and the Stranger, plus the record shops Rough Trade, Other Music, Insound and Aquarius. "Strangely esoteric but also eminently readable," Aquarius said about it. That was nice of them.

There will be lots of drawings and photography, plus paintings and collage and a smattering of sculpture, too. The show will be hung salon style, with images piled totally on top of each other. It might look like a mess to some people but it's going to be a glorious mess. Really. A small selection of art from the curator's personal collection will be hung in a corner of the space. The show will run from February 2 - 26.