Monday, July 10, 2006

In the palace of the Lord

VAN MORRISON with Bob Dylan "Foreign Window"

I think this is from a live show in the late '80s, Dylan presumably on harmonica. I like the way the pseudo mystical sheen of the studio version is gone; it just sounds like two dudes on a boardwalk somewhere. It's kind of puffed-up and full of itself but what song that namedrops Rimbaud and Lord Byron wouldn't be?

Today I give thanks for iced coffee, Oregon blueberries and Tuli Kupferberg's Listen to the Mockingbird book. For no reason other than when I wasn't working or furniture hunting at "the bins" (score! for $30.50: two ottomans, two nice mis-matched dining room chairs, one big bulky old stereo console furniture thing--which was actually free by the side of the road, a paperback about Chinese medicine, and a very oddly shaped modernist mini-bookshelf) these things provided major relief.


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