Monday, July 10, 2006

In the palace of the Lord

VAN MORRISON with Bob Dylan "Foreign Window"

I think this is from a live show in the late '80s, Dylan presumably on harmonica. I like the way the pseudo mystical sheen of the studio version is gone; it just sounds like two dudes on a boardwalk somewhere. It's kind of puffed-up and full of itself but what song that namedrops Rimbaud and Lord Byron wouldn't be?

Today I give thanks for iced coffee, Oregon blueberries and Tuli Kupferberg's Listen to the Mockingbird book. For no reason other than when I wasn't working or furniture hunting at "the bins" (score! for $30.50: two ottomans, two nice mis-matched dining room chairs, one big bulky old stereo console furniture thing--which was actually free by the side of the road, a paperback about Chinese medicine, and a very oddly shaped modernist mini-bookshelf) these things provided major relief.


Blogger smeeho said...

This is from a BBC2 Arena Documantary that Van did with various artists. He also sang Crazy Love with Bob and a corking version of I Cover the Waterfront with John Lee Hooker. Late 80s early 90s as I recall.

3:38 AM  
Blogger smeeho said...

It's all coming back to me now. This was recorded in front of the Acropolis in Athens, and the Hooker track was (ironically) recorded by the waterfront. I remember the initial shock of seeing such drastically unfit people in buetiful surroundings, being slowly temepered by the ability and ease of the music. Foriegn Window is the track which most reminds me of my father. Nice site by the way.

3:46 AM  
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