Thursday, July 13, 2006

We want to live...

3Ds "Evocation of WC Fields"

For no reason other than I just imported tracks off the CD last week, here's a fun ditty by New Zealand's 3Ds, from their 1990 disc Fish Tails/ Swarthy Songs for Swabs, which combines their first EP and LP, plus an extra track or two. People who say they sound like the goddamn Pixies are so wrong it makes we want to umm, to tell them how wrong they are. Loudly.

Got the final manuscript for the Luc Sante collection Yeti Books is publishing next Spring; of course, it's awesome. Also in the final throes of getting YETI 4 together--we send off pages to the printer on Monday. The disc is being mastered right now. And the first book we're publishing, Jana Martin's short story collection Russian Lover, is coming together as well. Damn.

We'll finally have a site up for the Halleluwah Fest in the next week or so. Looks like I'm spending the next week crazily assembling a cool LP with unreleased tracks from some of the festival performers, which will be available at the show only, for not too much dough ($10 maybe?). That is, if it can actually get manufactured by the end of next month. Thus far, though, Rick Bishop, Truman's Water, Nice Nice and Deerhoof all seem into the LP thing (as well as the fest itself of course). I hope it happens as I think it'll be a rad/ fun souvenir type thing.

Posting has been re-enabled after a long absence, FYI. I finally figured out if you just use one of those crazy scrambled word filter things you can keep the blogspam out, or most of it anyway.


Blogger jonder said...

I just recently got that 3D's record. Bought it because I read someone compared them to Hypnolovewheel, which at least seems a closer comparison than the Pixies.

6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is Oaxacan going to be on the Yeti CD comp?

6:57 PM  

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