Friday, January 07, 2005

Never go sailing with a murderer

Download: NIC JONES "William Glen"

OK I guess it's been a pretty Anglophilic week so I'll end it with an olde sailinge songe by the ultra-rad Nic Jones. The quality is a tad funky -- there's at least one skip, as it is from vinyl -- off the 1978 album From the Devil to a Stranger, somehow never released on CD. His album Penguin Eggs is, seriously, the best trad British folk album of the last 25 years. It's perfect. The fact that SEVEN albums of his career (solo plus as part of the Halliard) are not on disc is hard for me to fathom, though. Also, the guy's not performed in twenty-plus years due to his barely surviving a terrible auto wreck that left him incapable of playing with the same facility he once had, and as I'm a sentimental dork my heart-strings are totally tugged on by that alone. Anyway, hope you like this tune, but seriously, as good as it is -- P.E. is like ten times better.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi there--thought i'd chime in with my appreciation of this track. i'm fairly well-versed in most things english folk rock, but this guy is unknown to me. but he sounds great! Is "Penguin Eggs" available on CD?

anyway, i've been loving your blog--pretty much everything is very very good. and i just discovered that you're the man responsible for yeti magazine, so you're also responsible for introducing me to steffen basho jungen. i owe you big time, dude.


8:52 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Penguin Eggs is available on CD. The previous albums are not available due a contractual dispute with the copyright owner.

The material from them plus other unreleased tracks, however, has been collected from various live sources and released on 3 'new' albums. Available mail order from the man himself

7:13 PM  

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