Friday, January 21, 2005

And forget to breathe for just one minute because of some beauty

Download: TALL DWARFS "Nothing's Gonna Happen"

Yesssss. I am meditating on the floor in the dark, surrounded by a circle of candles. My beard just barely scrapes the wooden floor. I am chanting this song over and over again. My elfin friends from the forest sing along with me and the Keebler ones play the water glasses and jingle the bells along with this song. This song is a prayer for peace, a plea to see what is truly beautiful and wondrous in life and to exult in THAT and not all the bullshit we are surrounded by. Because Bush and his horrible creeps, they are not gonna be allowed to get away with everything; I mean we will all revolt, and we will find the hidden camps, and let everyone out of them, and join in a circle and all sing this song together, then Devendra and Joanna are going to appear and they will look hot and resplendent in their flowing white robes and they will show us how to really do the hokey-pokey, and all the My Little Pony's in your closet will come to life and sing and prance with your Monchichis and they will fornicate together loudly and create a new magical universe covered in sparkle and M&Ms, and Dave Chapelle will be our President and Germaine Greer will run the reality television shows and they will now be about who can love the other person the most. And Boom Bip will run the MTV Networks and Tussle will be the third biggest band on the planet and both U2 and Interpol will decide that they should never make music again in fact all their records will be recalled and destroyed and never played ever again and all your friends who do too much blow will start working the program and will call their sponsors and quit already and they will pay you back the money they owe you and all marriage everywhere will be abolished for being "icky" and every single person on Earth will be given a toaster oven at birth and the IRS will call you up just to say how much they love you and you are special and should never pay a cent to them in fact they came up with a special grant for special people and will pay you to "make art that exults in life" for the rest of your life and it's cool if you go live in Sweden or Iceland too they'll still pay you and that girl you like will call you back and your high school will call to tell you that even though you were a total wimp in high school they're going to name their new state of the art gym after you and the war in Iraq will be over and all the bombs will turn into bubblegum and all the money spent on the war will now go to finding a cure for and/ or treating AIDS and BASF will make two-inch tape once again and David Sedaris will ask if he can come over and try out his new material on you and Wes Anderson will ask if you'd not mind helping to compile the soundtrack to his next quirky movie and you'll say thanks Wes but I have to work on the New Peace Initiative already, sheesh. I just closed my eyes and saw it, thanks to this 1981 song by Chris Knox and Alec Bathgate AKA the Tall Dwarfs, from the ever-excellent Three Songs EP. Here, sing along with me: "Love love kiss kiss..."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice post, Mike. Cheers.

10:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mike, this rant is gorgeous. Tell me when your running for world president; you got my vote!

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well done!
~ astarrte

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deare Mike,
Will the guy from Little Wings be there too? Maybe alongside My Little Pony?
Curiously yours,
Charles E. Martin, S.J., O.B.E.

7:31 PM  
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