Sunday, January 09, 2005

The holy ghost got me

Download: SWAN SILVERTONES "What's The Matter Now?"

Had a great time DJ'ing the Delta Cafe [the cheese grits? super tasty; the $? more than I expected; and the booty? the booties were bouncing!) last night -- response to "Ping Island" was soo crazy!--with the lovely/ talented DJ Fur Purse. Ohhh and speaking of public engagements I am officially scared about reading at Powell's with Colin, Douglas and Michaelangelo on Monday in honor of the great 33 1/3 series.

I get really frightened doing anything up on a stage or in front of a camera. I might faint! I almost did when I read at St. Marks Church 11 years ago. But, luckily, I am the only one reading from an unfinished unpublished and overdue work. Probably the only one whose printer is on the fritz as well. Ohh and my new pal Lucy just told me the chapter I'd planned to read sucks and I believe her. Shit, I might just read from the last chapter, which is an epilogue about Rafael Toral's awesome Loveless tribute Wave Field! Yi yi. We'll see. It's not like it's tomorrow or anything. Loving my new North PDX digs though the novelty of not having direct access to much of my books, LPs, clothes, CDs, etc. as a result of them being stuck inside a hundred boxes is beginning to wear thin. Frijole, I have too much stuff.

Speaking of stuff, this here song is from a discounted stack of gospel 7"s I picked up at the Haight Amoeba over the holidays, a terrific Swans number featuring both Claude Jeter and Louis Johnson.


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