Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I'll come running to tie your shoes

Download: BRIAN ENO AND THE WINKIES "Totalled"

Peel Session from March 5, 1974, never officially released. The personnel is as follows: Eno (vocals and synth), Mike Desmarais (drums), Guy Humphries (guitar), Philip Rambow (guitar), Brian Turrington (bass). Of the many things we all love about Eno, the fact that he basically fell out of love with rock music so quickly, (well, until being lured back into it by the very evil U2 years later, but that doesn't count) ranks pretty high. You can just hear him being bored with the closing prog stylee coda rock riff part here before it's even begun, one of the reasons I kind of love this song. The singing may be awesome, but "Totalled" (sic) is so awkward, it never really works (obvious in that Eno repurposed the "I'll come running to tie your shoes" bit for the song "I'll Come Running" on 1975's Another Green World). It's like an old man dressed in drag, sagging beer belly seeping through see-thru teddy -- "Totalled" just doesn't fucking care, and as such it's prepunk genius, totally. Wait, how do you say "prepunk genius" in French? That would be the preferred way to say that, I think.


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