Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Life in the '80s can be brutal

Download: CHROME "Meet Me In The Subway"

Here's a spooky mother of a song for you. It's cold and rainy and I don't want to leave the house and this song sums my mood up rather well. "Meet Me" is from the 1979 Ralph Records "Left My Heart In San Francisco"-themed comp. LP Subterranean Modern -- four Bay area bands (Residents, Chrome, Tuxedomoon & MX-80 Sound) doing an average of three songs each, all of 'em covering "Left My Heart." Cover art by your favorite artist, Gary Panter. I believe the LP's never been reissued, and though the Chrome songs do appear on the Chrome Box, who's gonna get the Chrome Box when really all you need by them are their first two albums and these few tunes? You gotta give it up for bands who pretty much play all their songs in one beat. The drummer from Seattle's A-Frames does a great job with the Chrome beat, FYI. Someone else "copped" it as well, but I can't think right now.

PS: Bloodninja, I love you.


Blogger Ryan Shepard said...

Any chance you could repost this? Searching for it for a while with no luck.

Thanks very much!

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