Wednesday, January 26, 2005

So carry on dreaming

Download: TELEVISION PERSONALITIES "Magnificient Dreams"

The TVP's were such a crucial band for me, especially in the way they bridged pop-psych and shamble-punk sensibilities. They were precious but also had a prankster side to them, and I liked the way they sang about pop artists as much as they sang about girls. See, while I'd found older record head people while in jr. high, it'd be a few more years until I'd meet people who were obsessed with art and lit. and stuff as well as music. We all have our moments of "Wow, I'm not so crazy after all and other people like me exist" and this was one of mine. These kind of moments are huge for disaffected teens (is there any other kind?), though they sure do seem to be supplanted rather quickly by "I wish there weren't so many fucking hipsters (i.e. 'people like me') at this show/ bar/ shop..."

This is my favorite TVPs tune, off the 1981 LP Mummy Your Not Watching Me -- it's so incredibly happy/ sad. I've been known to listen to it over and over again for HOURS -- another reason I should probably always have my own place! The International Pop Underground would be far less populated without the influence of TVPs leader Dan Treacy -- for better and worse (as is well documented, the influence of musical naifs on others is not always the best thing.) FYI, the troubled Treacy has recently recorded his first new material in years and is apparently doing pretty well; he has a blog here.


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