Thursday, May 26, 2005

Why don't I just go out the window?

Thanks to Mike Doughty, I now have another favorite late '70s second tier new wave pop band from New York.

Thanks to the brilliant R. Kelly, I believe in the power of plop-plop water dripping percussion to propel one song through twenty minutes of radio drama nonsense more than everrrrrrrr. Can't wait for chapter 4! This thing better end better than Lost did...

Thanks to Stay Free, I had a big-ass belly laugh (scroll around for that shit about the fake anti-corporate radio station in Ohio run by... Clear Channel. And the cost/ benefit analysis of setting yourself on fire? Wow.)

Thanks to Adam Forkner, I learned the other day last-minute of some rare diaristic Robert Frank films that showing here in town. Adam loved the shit, going off about how art needs to be loose, and fierce and beautiful (paraphrasing -- I have no ear for dialogue aside from the internal, sorry). And of course he found Frank's work to be that, and I thought about it, and he's right. Weird for me to see the inside of Robert and hiw wife June Leaf's Bleecker/ Bowery apt. building -- I used to hang with those guys a bit in the late '80s/ early '90s -- I was even paid once to be in a movie of his, Last Supper -- as I told anyone who'd listen (and some who wouldn't) last night, I showed up for the rehearsal and had four lines, returned the next day and that was cut to two. Umm, so I'm not much of an actor. Rachel Carns was in that thing too, and Taylor Mead, very recently post-stroke. I last saw Robert in the flesh on the day before 9-11-01 -- was walking about town with the great Lizz Mendez Berry and I said "hey let's see if Robert's home!" We rang the buzzer, Robert leaned out and said "Who is it!," I said my name and he said "Mike McGonigal!? That's a name from the past!" then walked down the three flights to open the door. Then I realized my mistake.

You don't just go dropping in on 76 year old men who've had a triple bypass and are on heavy medication. I felt so bad watching him trudge back up the stairs, and we caught up and stuff and I was glad to see him but I don't even think I realized that Pablo had died; we hadn't been in touch in years and stuff and I'm so stuck in my own world, you know? Then I made a second mistake saying "Hey, you should let me do an interview with you sometime for old time's sake," 'cause he looked at me like I said he should allow me to remove his pancreas with a rusty tuna can lid... Anyway, tonight more recent films were then shown last night, one of them a US premiere, and they were all so great. It really warmed the cockles of my heart, and stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this what it has come to?
Mike McGonigal has vanished from the face of the only perhaps able to be reached electronically.... If your logged on at the right moment. I remember the fleshy young Mike, sweat on his upper lip, eyes wide open laughing, belly he is just text. A ghost inhabiting my browser. email me

2:39 PM  

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