Sunday, August 21, 2005

And from her branches carelessly...

ANNE BRIGGS "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme"

This song is from the Decca Edinburgh Folk Festival Vol. 2 album. It can also be found on the Anne Briggs Collection CD on Topic, which I recommend strongly. There's a thoughtful review that comes from a very strange viewpoint (to me) of that comp. here (how can they think she's not a great singer?).

Briggs was an allegedly "wild" singer in the early '60s who primarily worked a capella and took some liberties with traditional songs. She didn't sing the way she was supposed to, didn't act the way she was supposed to, and she stopped singing at the age of 27 after only have recorded three LPs. She simply disliked the way she sounded on records, and in the early '70s she apparently fell prey to Bartleby Syndrome and moved to Scotland to raise her kid.

As a result, she wound up just being a huge influence on pretty much every single female British folksinger in the '60s (certainly any of them who went 'electric') but remains fairly unknown today... I started to say she's analogous to Karen Dalton in her own way, until I realized that's just wrong. Anyway, this review of her 1971 album The Time Has Come is pretty cool.


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