Friday, August 26, 2005

And I hope that your old lady got a hundred and fifty toes

CLARENCE 'GATEMOUTH' BROWN "May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"

This song, written by Neal Merritt and popularized by Little Jimmy Dickens, sums up what I want to say to anyone who crosses my path today.

My mom's little house in Kendall, FL got thrashed by this sneaky hurricane Katrina yesterday. I spoke with her last night as rain poured in through every room, trashing her rugs, computer, and damn I wish I'd been there to help. Looks like a trip to Miami is in short order. Showed up broke to my pal's show last night and was not on the list; didn't feel like pulling Baboon Dooley moves to get in either. Did some work for free for a friend and he's upset with how I did it.

Meanwhile, no freelance checks showed up today, I'm in lots of physical pain (more than usual by far) and I'm frustrated at my own work pace--seems like I'm working all the friggin' time but not getting anything done. Argggh. This tune is from the Charly collection of Brown's 1965 recordings, San Antonio Ballbuster, which may not be essential but it sure is making me feel better right now. Huzzahhhhhh.