Thursday, August 25, 2005

He will surely bring you out.

BLIND ROOSEVELT GRAVES "Take Your Burdens To The Lord"

A nice, downright jaunty version of this tune by one of the stars of all raw pre-war gospel blues collections. For me, Wash Phillips cut the definitive version (a close second to Blind Willie Johnson), but this one sure is nice. Like I said, it's jaunty!

PS: Who else would love to see the discourse on gospel rise above fucking Sesame Street level writing? Why didn't they have Opal Louis Nations write this piece? He's so totally the best writer on gospel it's not funny -- dude can write for a mass audience, too. And everyone acts like Anthony Heilbut is totally the shit when he's not that great a writer, he's just like the only gospel critic to/ for most people. Arggggggghhh. I'm not dissing Mr. Heilbut, really. I just wish this were a music that had more writing about it that was either not so jive-ass and hokey and always at the very same introductory level or else so damn scholarly it'll make you piss yourself.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever read Alan Young's "Woke Me Up This Morning: Black Gospel Singers and the Gospel Life"? I'm a fan. Haven't had a chance to check out his book on the Pilgrim Jubilees yet, though.

6:11 AM  
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