Friday, August 19, 2005

Music for sleeping and bathing


Last night I DJ'ed at the club Holocene, in-between, before and after sets by Samara Lubeski, Portland Vampires, Tara Jane O'Neill, and World. I love DJ'ing at a club where the sound system is really good; it makes such a huge difference when you can totally hear every little tweak of the EQ; it also means you can't be too sloppy, and I don't think I was. World is music people really need to hear: stellar floating freeform lovely space-out mostly-improvised "freedom music" made by Adam Forkner and Honey Owens -- who quickly became two of my favorite people in Portland after moving here last year. We'd not seen each other in a few weeks so it was rad to catch up, and Adam had finished copies of the new album by his solo project White Rainbow, the Zome CD on States Rights, on hand.

Adam, who used to be in Yume Bitsu and had his band (((VVRRSSNN))) or whatever the hell it was called for awhile and who currently is in Jackie-O some of the time and who has toured with Devendra Banhart and Landing and Surface of Eceon before will soon have a six disc box set on the Marriage label, one of the discs a DVD with a half hour video created by E*Rock based a little bit on stills Adam took of stuff by folks like Jordan Belson. I can't wait to see it. Next month Adam is gonna do an installation as part of PICA's Time Based Arts Festival where he Vito Acconcis your LaMonteYoung (translation: dreamy drone spiritual type music performed by dude who doesn't leave the space for the entire time).

Today's tune (from an out of print CD-R) is actually a stolen link so go gentle on Adam's server, please. The Zome disc, upon a cursory listen, appears to have lovely ambient pop tunes and slow drone jams and at least one of the songs is dedicated to Eugene Levy. It was made a few years ago but is definitely tasty lullabye music with a sense of humor and self-awareness (the Kluster/Neu!-ish jam is called "Germany.") Huzzah.

In more Portland-is-on-fucking-fire-and-please-don't-write-about-it-unless-it's-to-make-fun-of-it- in-VICE-'cause-we-really-don't-need-too-many-people-to-know-about-it-'cause-things-like
-this-tend-to-happen-much-more-interestingly-in-some-level-of-isolation-you-dig-? news, E*Rock and Eric Johnson's new vinyl-only label via Wieden & Kennedy, Fryk Beat, has launched and the first two releases are by Panther and Bobby Birdman, two of the suavest dudes to ever be suave. Charlie AKA Panther/ singer for Planet The makes radtacular music; the MP3 on their site of his song is like Prince stuck in a really bad K hole. And that "cardboard" video for the song? Sublime, motherfucker.