Tuesday, August 23, 2005

She said she was coming home

ELMORE JAMES "Sunnyland"

What to make of artists who basically create the same work over and over again, slight variations here and there? I live with this rad couple who have a three year-old and a newborn, and the three year-old loves repetition. My nephew's almost seven now and I'd almost forgotten the genius of Teletubbies, how they'll stop and rewind a full six minutes and show everything all over again. From a production standpoint it's a winner, of course, but I think the show's attention to the three R's was a large part of its appeal (eal rabbits cavorting across a fake set was genius, and that baby inside the sun was pretty damn cool too.)

This song was originally a single on the Fire label in 1961; no one's gonna pretend it's Elmore James' most riveting and original performance by any means but that is precisely why I like it so. When you've already got your recipe just right, why fuck around with it?


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