Monday, August 22, 2005

Swims in autumn


This is my favorite song today. Birdbrain should be on the cover of Wire, like, yesterday.

How's it going and stuff? I'm loving life despite the eerie and relentless heat-producing activity of the Portland summer sun; how did I ever live in Miami again? speaking of light, I can see the one at the end of the tunnel with the MBV book, YETI 3 (I know, I know...), and am really psyched about the new publishing imprint I'm starting with Verse Chorus Press, especially since the first title will be a collection of LUC SANTE's cultural criticism. Yeah, no shit! We're also doing books with Jana Martin, Michael Macioce, and Alan Greenberg. And me (best-of book/ CD of my old 'zine, all proceeds going to a rad local treatment center that specializes in treating "untreatables": repeat relapsing street-level addicts and alcoholics). I'm curating art shows again, am seeing a girl I really like a lot (naw, scratch that, I love and adore this girl I'm just trying to not sound too crazy or nothing), and I just found out that two of the YETI covers were included in this book, which is awesome. I often find out about things pretty late...

I hope to find every single thing that Tuli Kupferberg ever released on Birth Press, and do facsimile editions of them all (with Tuli's permission of course). Tuli was pumping out these amazing broadsides (weird thematical books that drew from a vast array of sources in some proto-Internet hoodoo-anarchist tip) on mimeograph machines with Ray Johnson and others doing art. The guy was always a bit of a clown, but I fear he's never gotten his due. (Remind me to watch WR: Mysteries of the Organism again soon to catch his genius appearance int hat OK?) I'd also love to do a lavish and perfectly-printed Unica Zurn book. Man, that would rule! Her work is so creepy, spiritual, visceral, sexual, compulsive and somehow undeniably beautiful--everything I like, all in one place! Yesss.


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This track is making my mouth hang open in surprise. Any chance you'll post more tracks from this artist? It's great stuff.

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