Saturday, May 06, 2006

With her face to the living room floor

WE/OR/ME "Aimless Day"

Had a week filled with predominantly and wonderfully aimless days, which I very much needed after weeks of working as close to non-stop as I could, capped by watching Elaine May's 1976 film Mikey & Nicky tonight. You ever see that flick? It's just come out on DVD -- Cassavetes, Falk, Beatty. A really nice little gangster paranoir, sweetly Fr. New Wave-ish, wow.

This song by the Chicago-based We/Or/Me is not gonna be on the next YETI CD, but space-willing, something by them/ him will be. It's sweet, isn't it?

PS: Looks like in general the next YETI will be more weighted toward freakouts, drones and archival material than this sort of folk-dude sing-song. I love the good folksy stuff I just don't want to be pigeonholed, you know? Plus there's tons of awesome kinds of music that hasn't been featured on the YETI discs yet -- like gospel, for instance...

PPS: Looks like I'm gonna be helping to put together a really fun three-day festival of music/ film/ art/ etc. at the awesome Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR over Labor Day weekend -- that Friday, Saturday and Sunday -- with Blackbird Booking. Working name is HALLELUWAH: A Festival of Enthused Arts (OK, Mostly Music). There will be three theatres with stuff happening in them pretty much all the time; the headliner looks to be Vashti Bunyan, who'll be in the area to perform at Bumbershoot in Seattle that weekend.

It could all fall apart of course, but I don't think so. I have a pretty great feeling about this thing, actually -- especially because Chantelle from Blackbird is so experienced and we both seem to have very similar ideas for the thing. At least partially it's gonna be a benefit, we think. More on it later.