Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All things are possible...

SWAN SILVERTONES "Only Believe" live (Youtube link)

Hope you had a groovy MLK day. Me, I guess I have a sinus cold? Man this thing is weird because I only have a few symptoms. Makes it hard to get work done, but then so did the actual snow which fell and stuck on the ground this morning -- several inches worth, very rare for Portland! I'ts still a winter wonderland outside, now -- the stuff stayed stuck!

My girl and I ventured out this afternoon as her school was cancelled (though she didn't know until she got there this AM, and it took her many hours to figure out none of the buses were working properly as despite the fact it began snowing at 3 or 4 this morning not a one had chains on their tires so she took the light rail home instead which leaves off a mile and a half away). It's weird how I was able to not feel sick for that hour and a half we went outside: angels were made, snowballs flung, feet slipped and slid, hooray.

So, of course since I'm illing I start flipping around on YouTube looking at the Yardbirds and the Move and Fred McDowell and Rev. Louis Overstreet and Rev. Charlie Jackson. I only give YT a few more months before all this great content disappears; it's too good to last, you know? Anyway, I love this clip of the Swan Silvertone Singers. Seeing Claude Jeter and Louis Johnson pass the mic back and forth like that is amazing. I really really would love to see more. I've watched this a dozen times already, holy frijole.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,
My name is Kenny Feinstein. I am from Portland but am currently studying music at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I saw on your blogs that you sometimes watch youtube. Would you perhaps check out a couple of the videos I have posted? I am a big fan of MBV and enjoy playing their songs. I have attempted to cover some of them in my own way. If you would would like to see the videos of my covers, search "my bloody valentine cover" or "spektix" on youtube. I would appreciate any sort of input you have because you seem to be an expert on the subject. Also, I would like to purchase a copy of your book, but is there any way I might be able to get a signed copy?

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way my email is kfeinste@uoregon.edu

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, I looked through your list and saw a few different blind willie's but I didn't see blind willie mctell (maybe I did). just a suggestion. -Spektix

10:23 PM  

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