Monday, January 22, 2007

The cake it is here

Well the Music Appreciation Society people are AWESOME and the event was sort of a d.i.y. sweet, Canadian mini-pop conference. I am also psyched about the Seattle Art Museum's sculpture park -- it's free and a pretty nifty use of public space. Lily concluded a month's long search for jeans that fit at the Seattle Rack, we both saw some friends and I only had one cup of Vivace, but I guess I just feel like I get coffee at least as good as that here in Portland every day so I do not need to go all the way out of the way simply to drink down a cup of ristretto in five seconds.

The image up there is by Jason T. Miles and Tony Remple, a two color job done at Zak Sally's awesome La Mano Press. You can buy it off of Jason's blog for ONLY SIX BUCKS, if I read correctly.

PS: I have no way to post or host files right now so no music for a bit -- and eventually this blog will go over to the YETI site sometime this year but will of course post messages saying that here when that happens, OK.

Ack, links not working today for some reason so go here for Jason T. Miles' site yes: